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skeleton excavation

Dale Munn is a Northamptonshire-based osteoarchaeologist. He has worked with county museums and community groups in excavation and post-excavation work. As well as field work, he delivers training sessions, presentations for a wide range of audiences, including students, emergency services and on-site excavation teams.


DM Osteology is a new service particularly interested in working with community archaeological groups and museums across the country. I offer very competitive rates to suit limited budgets. For information on what services I offer please visit my services page.​​

Ben Donnelly-Symes

Archaeological Archives Curator

Northamptonshire Archaeological Resource Centre

Dale’s contributions to our work at the Northamptonshire Archaeological Resource Centre over the past 3 years have been fantastic and have nothing short of transformed our collections. His knowledge, teaching ability, professionalism and ethical approach have been invaluable to our work and he has made a significant difference by making the archaeology of Northamptonshire more accessible to researchers and the general public while also helping develop the skills of volunteers working with archaeology and osteology within the county. From what started as a chance encounter as a researcher has developed into a brilliant partnership for all involved.

Jay Cumberworth
Archaeology Project Officer

Peterborough Museum,

Dale has worked with PMAG training a volunteer team and assisting with the curation of legacy HSR archives. During his time with us Dale quickly became somebody we can rely on for his professionalism, advice and support. Dales calm and approachable manner backed by an extensive knowledge of the subject, and experience working with volunteer teams has been an instrumental component of our projects success.
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